Working as an Optics AIT engineer consists of several activities

  • Alignment of opto-mechanical sub-assemblies
  • Optical and mechanical design of optical test setups and lab tools
  • Conducting verification and acceptance tests

About me

I am currently working as an AIT (Assembly, Integration and Testing) engineer for Thales Alenia Space Switzerland. My main tasks are integration and alignment of opto-mechanical assemblies for satellite instruments and designing lab tools for tests and verification campaigns. Some of these parts are shown in the Gallery and here.

  • This picture shows an image de-rotator (K-Mirror) mounted on LINC's optical bench. It's not easy to see, but the complete optical bench is inclined at an angle of about 45 degrees relative to the ground to measure the flexure of the mirror's structure.

  • This is the lab setup to test one of the two High layer Wavefront Sensors for LINC-NIRVANA. LN-MAPS is used as a light source in this configuration. The de-rotator is missing in the current setup.

  • Sometimes it's necessary to travel a bit... Here we are in Wales for an optical testing course.

Previous projects:

  • GRAVITY: 2nd generation VLTI instrument
  • LBT IRTC: Infrared Test Camera for LBT AO secondary and gregorian focus commissioning
  • LINC-NIRVANA: German-Italian High Resolution Imager for the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT)
  • BELA: BepiColombo Laser Altimeter
  • CaSSIS Telescope: Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System for ExoMars TGO

Publications, presentations

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